Bear Dance

A celebration of living culture

Don Enright on the many faces of Victoria's aboriginal festival

- July 3, 2015
I’ve had an unforgettable year, travel-wise. I spent seven months in the South Pacific and Asia, and I photographed traditional performers wherever I travelled. But it recently occurs to me that after 51 years in… Read More [+]

From juke joint to jazz club

Valerie Berenyi dives into Calgary's gritty music scene

- June 11, 2015
When you travel, there’s really no better way to sink into a destination than catching some live music. Whether it’s a reggae festival in a park or a symphony in a grand ballroom, you get… Read More [+]

Après ski (season) in Fernie, BC

Author Angie Abdou on life after the pow packs it in

- May 22, 2015
“We live other people’s holidays.” That’s the bumper sticker I used to see plastered on beaten-up hippie vans, favourite skis and Fernie Alpine Resort chairlifts. I imagine season-pass holders high-fiving to this sentiment as giant… Read More [+]

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new sandra

Living large in Labrador

Sandra Phinney visits a storied land

My first encounter with Labrador and her people was four years ago. Little did I know I would return not once, but twice, and, as I’m writing…
Peace Bridge / Calgary / Photo by Lori Andrews

Chasing the light in ...

Writer Kim Gray muses on a unique urban landscape

As I write this post, the sun spills through the window into my small office. It seems fitting as I re-visit a story I’ve been continually revising…

Return to Halifax

Jennifer Allford reflects on a maritime blend of old and new

As the plane starts its descent into Halifax, my seat mate and I put down our books and start chatting. By the time we land in…

Orca Camp, Canada-style

From killer whales to kayaking to the Wobbly Bear Spa

Before you ask, the answer is yes. When you’re bobbing vulnerably in a sea kayak with an eager pod of the world’s most powerful apex predators heading…
THERMEA, Winnepeg / Photo courtesy Nordik Group

Cold Land, Warm Heart

Val Berenyi seizes Winnipeg winter with both mittens

In less than the span of a week, I went from Mexico, where it was plus 28 C, to Manitoba, where one evening it dipped to, oh,…
Snowshoe artist Simon Beck / Banff National Park / Photos by George Webber

British artist meets Banff ...

Simon Beck snowshoes his way into the hearts of Canadians

Editor’s note: It started innocently enough, our role in snowshoe artist Simon Beck‘s first North American commission, which took place in February. In short, we received a…