THERMEA, Winnepeg / Photo courtesy Nordik Group

Cold Land, Warm Heart

Val Berenyi seizes Winnipeg winter with both mittens

- March 17, 2015
In less than the span of a week, I went from Mexico, where it was plus 28 C, to Manitoba, where one evening it dipped to, oh, minus 43 with the wind chill. “Are you nuts?… Read More [+]
Snowshoe artist Simon Beck / Banff National Park / Photos by George Webber

British artist meets Banff National Park

Simon Beck snowshoes his way into the hearts of Canadians

- March 10, 2015
Editor’s note: It started innocently enough, our role in snowshoe artist Simon Beck‘s first North American commission, which took place in February. In short, we received a package in the mail from Icebreaker containing a… Read More [+]

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