Bill Reid Gallery, Vancouver / Photo by Suzanne Ahearne

Mythic Messages

Decoding the artist at Vancouver's Bill Reid Gallery

- February 2, 2016
Editor’s note: Thanks to correspondent Don Enright for this story of his visit to the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art. Toque & Canoe also had the privilege of visiting the gallery recently, and we… Read More [+]
Near Waskesiu, Prince Albert National Park / Photo by Patti Sopatyk

Saskatoon Swoon

A writer's heated affair with her frozen home province

- January 27, 2016
Editor’s note: Cheers to Calgary-based writer Deidre Horn for this home-province take on Saskatchewan during winter. We hope you enjoy her prairie tales where it seems some things—acid-wash jeans, great booze and Prairie hospitality—never change.  … Read More [+]

Mitten thumbs up for friendly FROSTival

Memorable moments from Atlantic Canada's largest winter fest

- January 18, 2016
*Editor’s note: On the eve of Fredericton’s annual FROSTival—which spans four weekends between January 21st to February 14—we bring you a post from travel writer Shelley Cameron-McCarron who, this time last year, packed up her… Read More [+]

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Happy 2016 Toque & Canoe’rs

Cheers to another epic year of Canadian travel culture

Given that it’s January, and that we celebrate our fifth anniversary next Canada Day, we thought we should slow down, take our pulse and reflect on the…
Journey of Ravensong / Bill Helin

Our home and Native land

In pursuit of "authentic indigenous" art - By Kim Gray

Some of the most meaningful souvenirs I’ve collected as a traveller in Canada have come from First Nations artists. A small chunk of caribou antler carved into…

Fall(ing) in Love ...

Snapshots of an unsung season — by Stephanie Arsenault

In summer, people from everywhere flock to the Canadian Rockies to hike, bike and paddle on glacier-fed waterways. In winter and spring, snow is king. Champagne powder, steep…

Pow Wow Power

The Colours of Kamloopa

Editor’s note: As a last shout-out to Canada’s summer of 2015, we are posting photographer Leah Hennel’s take—her photos and words—on the Kamloopa Powwow. This annual celebration of…

Eye to Eye with ...

Photojournalist John Lehmann's intimate Northern encounter

I lead an embarrassingly rich visual life as a professional photographer. But for years I’ve dreamed of capturing images of polar bears—not in the dead of…

The Joys of Eating ...

Kim Gray on high-end hotels stepping up their food game

Some of the most outstanding dining I’ve experienced lately has taken place in a hotel setting. A family meal while on vacation in Maui at Nick’s Fish
Bear Dance

A celebration of living culture

Don Enright on the many faces of Victoria's aboriginal festival

I’ve had an unforgettable year, travel-wise. I spent seven months in the South Pacific and Asia, and I photographed traditional performers wherever I travelled. But it recently…