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Toque & Canoe—a blog about ‘real’ Canadian travel culture—was originally founded by Jen Twyman (a.k.a. Toque) and Kim Gray (a.k.a. Canoe).

Two Canadian travel hounds with strong journalism backgrounds, Twyman and Gray often collaborate for the mainstream media on stories about their adventures. Driven by their vision of ‘real’ Canadian travel culture, they launched Toque & Canoe as their own storytelling vehicle on Canada Day 2011.

In short order, a fresh and distinct voice in the world of Canadian travel was born—one with a strong online presence and a growing and passionately engaged audience.

‘The little blog that could’ has since become a nationally award-winning site (Best Travel Blog/Canadian Tourism Commission GoMedia Awards 2012) that also features guest posts from other seasoned Canadian storytellers.

In 2012, Gray and Twyman were nominated for a White Hat Award for their contribution to travel and tourism in Calgary.

In June 2013, Toque & Canoe won Online Magazine of the Year at the Western Magazine Awards.

And, most recently, in the spring of 2015, contributors poet Lorna Crozier and photographer Lori Andrews were listed as finalists in Tourism Saskatchewan’s 2014 Awards of Excellence for their post Exploring Light’s Birthplace.

So, do you want to know more about Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest, recently named one of National Geographic’s must-see destinations and highlighted by CNN as one of the world’s Last Great Wilderness Areas?

Have a look at Toque & Canoe’s Eyes of the Great Bear—featuring the incredible work of Canadian conservation photographer Ian McAllister.

How about an original hometown take from one of Canada’s most esteemed poets? Be sure to check out Lorna Crozier’s gorgeous Sidney, B.C. by the Salish Sea.

Interested in traveling to Quebec City – Canada’s favourite winter destination? Then you want to peruse freelance writer Don Enright’s bracing tale about how to find your inner snowman in Toque & Canoe’s Icy Affair de Coeur.

What’s more, our first hand account featuring the Calgary Stampede’s 100th anniversary is absolutely required reading if you’re planning a trip to Alberta to take in ‘The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.’

If you, like Toque & Canoe, have a major crush on all things Canadian, please take a moment to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. And feel free to sign up for T&C’s occasional postcard by entering your e-mail—which will remain secure—on our home page in the right hand column.

As we announced the day we launched—we invite you to “lace up your boots and grab the bug spray. Let’s get this road trip started…”

Kim Gray – Co-founder, Editor-in-chief (kim@toqueandcanoe.com)

Jennifer Twyman – Co-founder, Editor-at-large

Valerie Berenyi – Senior Editor (our most recent and much appreciated addition!)

P.S. Want to know more about T&C’s origins and goals? Check out the CBC article From Lobster Rolls to the Midnight Sun: Creating the Canadian Travel Blog Toque & Canoe.


photo by george webber


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  1. Linda Heinrich commented:

    Way to go! Your website is beautiful – filled with newsy information conveyed with enthusiasm and gorgeous photos. You’ve worked hard and what a launch. We are thrilled for you. And this is just the beginning! Love, Mom

    • TRISA commented:


  2. Lisa Kingsmith commented:

    Great idea ladies. Loved your website and looking forward to more great stories and photos. Congratulations!

  3. Liz Tompkins commented:

    I can’t wait to see what else you’ll come up with! I’m loving it so far and have shared it with my friends on facebook!

  4. Jim Phillips commented:

    Great website Ladies – what a concept. Looking forward to reading through your future adventures!

  5. Lisa Monforton commented:

    Congratulations!You’re off to a great start. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures in Canadian travel.

  6. Val Berenyi commented:

    Great stuff!!

  7. Congrats on the launch. Great site. The only trouble is you’ve inspired me to quit my job and go traveling! Ha, ha. Good luck moving forward.

  8. Robert Palmer commented:

    Congratulations! Looks like tons of fun — looking forward to more!

  9. lisabellgraham commented:

    Great idea you two. Can’t wait to see where your adventurous spirits lead us!

  10. Julie commented:

    Welcome to the world! so glad to see your hard work is live!

  11. Lara commented:

    Congrats on a great new site!!!

  12. Lynn commented:

    What a beatiful shot of mamma bear and her cub!

  13. Pingback: Travel Talk: Best photo of the week | The Life Blog

    • Wow Dominique – Just checked out your brother’s site and it looks fantastic. Tell him to expect to hear from us! Toque & Canoe

  14. Heather Lea Maccallum commented:

    I was recently in Hinton, Alberta visiting my sister and brother-in-law. I live in Calgary. My sister was in Lake Louise at a conference. We all know how stunning Lake Louise is. It takes my breath away…especially in the Fall…something about the quality of light. My husband and daughter dropped me off at Lake Louise, where I joined my sister and then we drove up to Hinton via the Banff Jasper highway. I believe it is one of the most stunning highways in the world. If you haven’t experienced it you must. One of the biggest surprises and coolest experiences of the trip was the 3 km Beaver Boardwalk in Hinton itself. I was blessed by beautiful fall weather and my sister and I got to walk and wonder at the natural beauty of the boardwalk which winds through marsh, fen and water close to one of the largest beaver dams I have ever seen. We also got to witness the beautiful little creatures busily at work. Very cool!! My trip back home on the Banff Jasper Highway was just as spectacular as the drive up. You’re seeing it from a different perspective so the mountains and sky look totally different. Cheers!!

  15. Billi-Jean Miller commented:

    Just happened upon your website and I’m very glad I did!! This is definitely up my alley – Canadian travel and photography – my 2 real loves :) Look forward to upcoming content!

    • Toque (aka Jen) commented:

      Thanks Billi-Jean! Really happy you like the blog! Great story about your engagement in the beautiful Yukon… :)Cheers

  16. Love what you’re doing with the site. I’m now based in BC and am hoping to do some exploring over here.

  17. Rose Lynn Petty commented:

    Oh, I love that Leah Hennel! Her photo of the week is so representative of her fabulous western images.

  18. Jean commented:

    Your love and enthusiasm for Canada as an exploration destination, is evident in your blog. Love your blog name!

  19. sue gray commented:

    Hi Kim,
    I am perusing your fab website. We want a western family holiday with some skiing and mountain time. Tell us where to go!!!!!! PLEASE!


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